How can I help you, fellow actor?

Career Coaching

  • Want to move from Theatre to On Camera?

  • Want to add a rep to your team that aligns with your philosophy/ work style/ career goals?

  • Want to optimize your materials for those agent meetings?​​

  • Want to target particular TV shows that need YOU to tell their story?

  • Want to talk through career growth concerns?

I've done it for these folks and can help you too!

"Bethany’s expertise in the industry gave me insight into how to begin to transition from a commercial actress to commercial/TV/film actress. She helped me optimize my website, target prospective casting directors and prep me for agent meetings. She is professional and fun to work with via e-mail, text, FaceTime, and in person meetings. Thanks to her help, I secured three more commercial agents whose offices also have legit departments."

- Mariette Booth, TV's Younger, dozens of National commercials 

Mariette, Will, Sarah, Aryn

Audition Coaching

  • Matty, Morgan