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Looking for some Audition and Career Coaching?

  • Need a taping studio or someone to put professional eyes on your home setup?​

  • Want to move from Theatre to On Camera?

  • Want to add a rep to your team that aligns with your philosophy/ work style/ career goals?

  • Want to optimize your materials for those agent meetings?​​

  • Want to target particular TV shows that need YOU to tell their story?

  • Want to talk through career growth concerns?

Let's talk coaching.

Let me help YOU.

Book the damn job.

ActSmart Coaching Services include:
Remote or In-Person Audition Coaching and Taping
Full Service Taping and Rehearsal Studio 10 minutes from midtown
Broadcast-quality VO booth available 
Consultations on YOUR self-tape setup


Let's ActSmart.

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